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Personal data protection clause for clients and potential clients

It is important that you read this clause carefully as it contains information about what personal information we request and what are the treatments we will carry out, including possible assignments to third parties.

What personal information do we need from you?

Since you contact us, either because you request information about our products or services or because you want to be our client, we need to process your personal data. In general, we will need to process your identification, contact, location and those related to your personal profile, such as your image on some of our websites.

What personal information do we need when you pay for our services or products?

If you are concerned about the information you provide when making a payment, we will clarify that it is collected through a secure payment gateway managed by a financial institution and in this case, the treatment is carried out entirely by it. Thus, we will not keep any type of registration or copy, except for the email address of your PayPal account in case you have used this means of payment in any of your orders.

If you send us a bank receipt to associate with your order, it is only used in order to process it and is deleted without being stored at any time. Even so, we always recommend that you notify your payments through the platform in which you make them, as the notifications will be sent securely and encrypted, without containing any sensitive information such as name, account numbers, amount or balance.

Your identifying data and any other contact information that we request are necessary to provide you with the services that you had requested or hired: this is the case of the hosting accounts, the domain registration service or the shipping of our products. For this reason, the personal data you provide us must be accurate and complete accurate and updated, so any changes in them must be communicated without delay.

This is of special relevance in the case of changes of address of electronic address or contact telephone, as we must send you communications of your interest that are fully valid and effective if they are made to the addresses that you have provided. The clearest example is information for the management of the status and the monitoring of your order, but you should also pay attention in case of domain migration or change of hosting since the inaccurate information may cause a delay and with it there may be increases in the cost or even, in the worst case, the suspension of the service.

We reserve the right to update your data with information obtained from sources other than you in cases where the regulations authorize it. Likewise, we inform you that we can use your mobile phone number (s) or your email address to inform you in a timely manner about aspects related to your customer account or provide you with information regarding products and services that will always be sent to you via the Internet, an option that You can revoke at any time.

How do we obtain your personal data?

You have provided them directly or we will have accessed them as a result of your inquiry or requests about our products or services, for example, when you fill out a form on our websites.

Keep in mind that our trademark manages several web pages and not a single website, so that the registration of our information database and the acceptance that is requested during the shipment, gives us the opportunity to cross the data of Customers from one website to another always in an encrypted and secure way, with the purposes explained here. Sometimes your personal data is provided to us from a reference or from a third party; in this case we do not keep a record of them and we will simply contact informally with you for the purpose that has been entrusted to us by the referal.

Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?
The responsible is the trademark Websites Builder , with branch in Australia whose addresses and telephones are exposed in this clause, the email of the Delegate of Data Protection is

Why we treat your personal data and what do we rely on to do it?

We treat your identification and contact data in order to meet your request for information about our products or services if you formalize the contracting of any of them. We also need to deal with some documentation that proves your identity and the product you wish to contract, for example, your personal information, location or address, identification and contact. Your personal location data, for example, is treated to offer you the best domain registration and hosting service according to your country of residence or the service you offer to your potential clients through a specific domain and this information is not only necessary for you the procedure itself is legal but also is subsequently binding for the positioning of your own website in certain search engines.

For certain orders or projects we must carry out a risk study. At the request of the brand you can request solvency information, especially when the size of the order or project requires payment split. The purpose is only to analyze the payment capacity of the client in compliance with the current regulations that require assessing the solvency of the applicants as well as the matter of responsibility in the concession of said type of services. These data allow us to create profiles to perform models and valuation procedures based on which we accept or deny the execution of other future projects.

However, you can object to this specific treatment at any time by communicating it to us through the electronic address provided here and after proof of your identity. You can be calm / or because in any case your personal data is sold to third parties.

We can offer you information on offers and personalized content according to your preferences and needs in the form of commercial communications, whether through our website, mobile application, email, telephone contact, postal or other legitimate channels. For this we will treat your identification and contact information and those related to the products you contract.

In the case of telephone marketing we can contact you in order to know your interest in our products or your level of satisfaction with them always respecting any current legislation regarding time and manner, we expressly respect the requirements about Telephone Telemarketing. and in accordance with article 21 of Law 34/2002 of Services of the Spanish Information Society, only in consideration of being our client or maintaining a contractual relationship with us, which legally authorizes us to send you commercial communications through email or other equivalent means for example SMS or push notifications, relating to products or services similar to those that you have contracted with us, in all other cases we will proceed to obtain your express consent. If you do not want us to send you commercial communications or that we contact you by telephone for the purposes we detail you can request it through the address provided here or through the link that is enabled for that purpose in the communications that we send you.

Without prejudice to everything already indicated, we inform you that we can treat your personal data in an aggregate or anonymous form to conduct surveys, statistical models or market studies and, of course, to improve, when appropriate, the products you have already hired: offering you as a customer, value-added services.

To carry out any other type of treatment other than the aforementioned one, it will always be necessary to obtain your express consent, so you will be informed of it clearly and in detail at the time it is necessary to obtain it, being able to deny it at that moment or revoke it later without retroactive character .

How long will we keep your personal information?

We will keep your data while the purpose for which they have been collected is maintained and when it is not necessary for that purpose we will keep them as long as necessary for the legally established deadlines to address any question regarding their treatment with a maximum of 10 years, proceeding with the suppression later under adequate security measures and that guarantee the total destruction of the same ones.

With whom will we share your personal information?

We are an international brand so your data will be shared within the Group. Also with other entities outside the group as described in this section since our interest is to offer the best possible service and continue to be competitive. We will share your data with service providers whose activity is necessary to comply with the contractual obligations we have assumed with you: for example, in the case of our products for the shipment, we will share your data with the provider brand and / or carrier company, or for example in the case of domains and web hosting with the respective hosting providers.

Sometimes the data is transferred to entities located outside Australia but we always guarantee that the information is shared with the appropriate guarantees and to countries and companies that offer data protection similar to that offered by the Australian eCommerce Guidelines.
We are a brand committed to this matter and we have binding rules that ensure that personal data shared within the group will be treated in the same way and with due guarantees in accordance with this privacy policy and the applicable regulations as well as with respect to to the best practices accepted globally.

What data do we obtain through the cookies and for which we treat them?

Prior to the use of our websites you will be informed of our cookies policy. Cookies are important for the proper functioning of a website. We use them to improve your user experience and collect some statistics optimizing the functionality of our websites based on your browsing habits.

You can find more information about the types of cookies and how to set your preferences below.

What rights do you have when providing your data and how can you exercise them?

Along with your right to be informed as we are doing with this clause, you have the following rights:

- Right of access to know what data of yours are being treated with what purpose is the origin of them and if we communicate them to third parties.
- Right to modify data when they are incomplete or inaccurate
- Right to delete your data if the purpose for which you facilitated the treatment is not lawful or you want to revoke your consent in any of the cases provided for in the law
- Opposition right to avoid that we treat your data with certain purposes or request that we stop doing it even though it is only possible in the cases that the Law establishes (for example, it is not possible while you keep hiring a product with us that we stop informing you about the same)

To exercise any of these rights you can go to the email address we have provided in these clauses prior to identity verification and without prejudice to the possibility of doing so on any of our phones. We also inform you of your right to submit a claim through the email of our Data Protection Delegate or the Data Protection Agency if you understand that you have not obtained satisfaction in the exercise of your rights.

Use of cookies in Websites Builder websites

The web pages of the Websites Builder trademark use cookies and / or other files of similar functionality (hereinafter, "Cookies") to improve your user experience and show you advertising adapted to your browsing habits. This policy can be updated, so we invite you to review it on a regular basis.

What are cookies?

They are small data files that the Internet server sends to the device with which you connect to our websites and which it archives. They are associated only with your browser and do not provide personal data by themselves. Cookies can not damage your device and are also very useful, as they help us identify and resolve errors.

When browsing this website, session cookies and persistent cookies are used, which, in turn, may be their own and / or third-party cookies.

Session cookies are cookies designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page. They are usually used to store information that only interests to keep for the provision of the service requested by the user in a single occasion. That is, they are temporary and disappear when the session ends.

Persistent cookies are a type of cookies in which the data is stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed during a period defined by the person responsible for the cookie, which can range from a few minutes to several years.

Own cookies are those created or managed by the person responsible for the website.

Third-party cookies are those managed by providers of technical services, analysis, social networks, personalization and advertising (including behavioral advertising) outside our brand such as Google, for example.

What types of cookies use the websites of the brand?

ANALYSIS Cookies: They serve to analyze the browsing habits of the users, in order to optimize the functionalities and the technical and operational maintenance of the websites and guarantee the best possible service. They will never be used to show personalized ads, nor to remember the user's preferences beyond the session.

TECHNICAL Cookies These are those that allow the user to navigate through the website and the use of different options or services that exist in it, such as storing content for the dissemination of videos or sound or sharing content through networks social.

Configuration of Cookies

The most popular current browsers have configuration options and security features that allow you to avoid the installation of cookies and / or other systems to collect browsing data on your device. You can configure your browser to reject cookies, but this (depending on the purposes of the cookies) could prevent you, totally or partially, the normal operation of the website or that prevents access to some services of the same. For example, it could prevent certain transactions, use certain features or have access to some of our website's content.

For the configuration of Cookies depending on the browser you are in, you can access:

• Google Chrome: Tools? Configuration? Show advanced configuration ? content configuration? Cookies ? Block data from third-party sites and cookies
• Mozilla Firefox: Tools? Options? Privacy ? History? Use a custom configuration for history
• Internet Explorer: Tools? Internet Options ? Privacy ? Configuration for the Internet zone
• Safari: Edition? Preferences ? Privacy ? Block cookies
• Opera: Menu? Configuration? Privacy & Security ? Cookies Section

You can revoke the use of cookies in your browser, through the above indications or by installing a rejection system in your web browser.

Some third parties facilitate this rejection through the following links:

Google / YouTube

It is not essential but we advise you to keep your operating system and browser updated, which will prevent errors in the display of our websites.

Updates and changes in the Cookies Policy

As a trademark, we can modify this Cookies Policy based on new legislative or regulatory requirements, or with the purpose of adapting said policy to the instructions dictated by the Spanish Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) as well as the Australian privacy principles. , Law 1988 (Cth).

When there are significant changes in this cookie policy, you will be notified by means of an informative notice on our website.

Policy updated to August 2021


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